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Where will your cooler be made?

Our cooler will be manufactured and assembled in Quebec! We do business with local partners to maximize control over quality and reduce intermediaries. We want to be ready for our products and of course for our customers.

Is the cooler guaranteed?

Yes of course! Our product is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

When will I receive my cooler?

Pre-order deliveries are scheduled for the summer of 2023.

How will I receive my cooler?

The coolers will be sent by post, but it will be possible to have it more quickly by picking it up directly at our offices (the address will be communicated to you).

How can we stay informed about the progress of the order as well as the project?

We invite you to subscribe to the newsletter to follow Genie’s progress. All relevant information will be provided there.

How effective is the cooler at keeping the cold: number of days camping with the same ice?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a number of days of ice retention, as it depends a lot on how you use your cooler, but our insulation is comparable to the best coolers on the market.

Compared to YETI, how is your ice retention?

We have the same ice retention as a YETI because we use the same insulation and the same amount. However we use airgel to insulate the cover. Airgel is the best insulator that currently exists, it was developed by NASA.

Is there a water evacuation drain?

Yes, the drain is in the front of the cooler.

What are the dimensions of your cooler?

Exterior dimensions are: 28.5″ (width) x 22″ (depth) x 18.5″ (height). Interior dimensions are: 22.75″ x 15″ x 13″.

Is the light rechargeable or battery operated?

The light is of the LED type and is charged with easily interchangeable batteries.

Is the handle extendable, telescopic?

The handle is actually telescoping so it sits higher as you move with it.

What is the weight of your cooler?

In terms of weight, we are not 100% sure yet, but it will vary around 25-30 lbs maximum.

And what is the insulation on the sides?


Why not name your company by a French name, such as GĂ©nie Plein Air?

We do have both official names. We use the English name to make it easier to export.

Is the handle expandable like a travel suitcase?

Yes, you can enlarge it when it is in handle mode

The height of the handle when unfolded?

When unfolded, the height of the handle is 35 inches.

Do you still have to put ice in it? Or is the lid frozen?

It is necessary to put ice inside. The lid is airgel insulated, but it does not serve as a cooler. It is not a plug-in model.

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